Embilta Radio

6:30pm to 8:00pm

EMBILTA RADIO is an AM and online radio featuring programming dedicated Ethiopian in Washington DC metropolitan area, North America and world-wide. Content for the program will include educational information, talk and phone-in shows, music, poetry, current affairs, and commentary. Embilta radio program produced locally and cater to the listeners with the highest concentration of the respective Ethiopia and Ethiopian.
Embilta Radio’s Mission is to provide a comprehensive ethnic broadcasting service of a high standard, whilst at all times promoting the principles of neutrality, independence, democracy, diversity & participation at all levels of multicultural radio.  Embilta radio specialized to suit people who speak Amharic language as well as to other people who have a keen interest in culture. Embilta radio’s mission and goals encourage improved communication, inclusiveness, and access to diverse ideas.
All ideas are debated All opinions are respected

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